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S'more S'mores!
March 1st, 2021 5:11 pm     A+ | a-
We think everyone would agree that s'mores are a camping staple. But when you camp multiple times during the summer, or even all summer long, plain old s'mores can get boring. So, s'mores lovers, use these fun recipes to spice up your s'mores this summer!

S'mores in a Bag

Love walking tacos? Try them as a sweet treat instead!
What you'll need:
-Small bags of Teddy Grahams
-Chocolate pieces or chocolate chips
Instructions: Break apart pieces of chocolate or pour chips into Teddy Graham bag. Roast a few marshmallows over the fire. Add them to the bag. Stir it up, and enjoy with a fork!

S'mores Cones

Take a break from cold ice cream cones and try warm, melty s'mores cones instead!
What you'll need:
-Sugar/waffle cones
-Chocolate chips
-Mini marshmallows
-Aluminum foil
Instructions: Fill cone with chocolate and marshmallows. Wrap entire cone in foil. Place on grill top over fire for 7-10 min. Unwrap and enjoy! *Caution: These may be HOT!*

Cookie S'mores

This is an easy one. Replace plain old graham crackers with your favorite type of cookie. Chocolate chip, Oreos, or for a salty twist, Ritz crackers!
What you'll need:
-Chocolate bars
-Cookies or crackers of choice
Instructions: Roast your marshmallows over the fire and smoosh the chocolate and marshmallow between your choice of cookie or cracker!

Some favorites from our team include using a Reese's peanut butter cup instead of a Hershey's Bar or making your traditional s'more a double decker!  WOW!
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