Bug Off!

Summertime bugs and mosquitoes are the worst, but sometimes applying bug spray can be even more annoying than the bugs themselves. Store-bought bug spray can be smelly, sticky, and overwhelming, and can cost more than some are willing to spend. If you love DIY projects and are looking for a more natural, appealing bug spray, try this simple recipe at home!bug spray

What you’ll need:

  • Small glass/plastic spray bottle
  • Essential oils (lavender, citronella, lemongrass)
  • Witch Hazel (Can be found at WalMart or even Dollar General!)
  • (Any combinations of two or more of these oils should work just fine if you don’t have them all)

Directions: In small spray bottle, pour 1/3c of Witch Hazel. Add 5 drops each of lavender, citronella, and lemongrass essential oils. Shake and spray! (WARNING: Highly concentrated essential oils can be irritating to skin, especailly for little ones, so try spraying your clothes instead of your skin.)

Alternative: Do you grow fresh lavender in your home garden? Try picking some and rubbing it behind your ears, on your wrists, etc. as a cheap, fragrant bug repellent alternative!

Lavender Flowers

Bugs already got to you this summer? Try this simple homemade itch salve to remedy those bites.

What you’ll need:

  • Small jar or container
  • Unscented lotion
  • Extra-virgin coconut oil
  • Essential oils (clove, peppermint, Roman chamomile)

Directions: In a small container, combine 1tbsp of unscented lotion, 1tsp of extra-virgin coconut oil, 10 drops of clove essential oil, and 5 drops each of Roman chamomile and peppermint essential oils. Combine all ingredients and mix well. Store in a jar and close tightly. Apply to bug bites and itchy skin as needed.