Campfire Stories

It was a dark and stormy night, the hook was still on the door handle, the monster was with you the entire time — you know the drill. Telling stories around the campfire is the traditional and best way to end a day at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone ParkTM at Kozy Rest.

With the crackle of the embers, there’s an eerie glow of campfire flames and tummies full of marshmallows, everyone can get comfy and enjoy the way time seems to pass a little slower while they listen to someone tell a tale.


If you’ve got your own stories from childhood, campfire gatherings are a great time to pass them down to your kids or share them with your friends. But if you’re looking for some new stories, here are a few ideas from various genres to get you started.

Scary Stories
These tales will have you at the edge of your seat in suspense, then looking around the campground twice before heading to your sleeping bag.

Funny Stories
You’ll be laughing until your stomach hurts and tears stroll down your face. Be sure to tell these before quiet hours so you don’t wake up the entire campground with your merriment!

Legends and Folklore
Passed down from generation to generation, these stories often originated from Native American tales.

Give your campers a little nugget of wisdom with stories that end in a valuable life lesson.

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What kind of campfire stories do you like best? Let us know if you have any favorites you want to share with your fellow campers.

On behalf of the entire Kozy Rest staff, we look forward to seeing you this camping season.