Get To Know the Staff

You all know and love our park, but do you know everyone who works to keep things running throughout the season? We appreciate each and every one of our staff members because without them, we wouldn’t be a four-time awarded ‘Park of the Year’ campground!

With the first day of this year’s camping season quickly approaching, we want to introduce you to our incredible team!

A premium campground takes a lot of effort to put together and maintain. Management, guest service specialists, rangers, maintenance, recreation department and housekeeping are all important jobs that require an expert staff. Here are all the people who make your stay with us top notch!


  • Denny Quigley
  • Gary Quigley
  • Kathy Quigley
  • Tami Alessio
  • Tayler Eusebio

Guest Service Specialists:

  • Madison Kohler
  • Nikki Baptie
  • Melanie Pierce
  • Maria Lutz
  • Natalie Thompson
  • Alazia Greaves
  • Taylor Akers
  • Megan McCarthy
  • Camry Hamilton
  • Amber Flynn
  • Skylar Bauer
  • Lauren Rembold
  • Valerie Dunlap
  • Unika Reviere
  • Sierra Collins
  • Samantha Erskine


  • Cody Keene
  • Shane Whitling
  • Zach Van Dyke
  • Tom Holfman
  • Morgan Kordas
  • Braydon Pyles
  • Brandon Reyes
  • Todd Simmers
  • Cory Ruditis
  • Jerry Cogley
  • Matt Neff
  • Bob Miller


  • Don McDougal
  • Steve Nemcek
  • Manuel Eusebio

Recreation Department:

  • Jade Comstock
  • Allison Stokes
  • Tayler Moesta
  • Madison Crighton
  • Sarah Rembold
  • Bobbie Jo Comes
  • Kathy Exley


  • Diane Fester
  • Angie Whitling
  • Ashley Leavens
  • Allison Ruditis
  • Allison Juhl

Management, maintenance and housekeeping are behind the scenes most of the time, but without them, the park wouldn’t run as smoothly as it does! Each of them helps ensure a safe and beautiful campground. Guest service specialists, rangers and the recreation department all work persistently to make sure you have a great time and enjoy your stay! All members of our staff work relentlessly to guarantee you and your family and friends have a quality visit.

If you would like to visit Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest and meet the staff, make your reservation TODAY!

On behalf of the entire Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest staff, we look forward to seeing you this camping season.