How Pennsylvanians Can Stay Happy And Relaxed

How Pennsylvanians Can Stay Happy And Relaxed

By Jennifer Scott

Every generation has its problems, but it seems that yours are really chipping away at your happiness. It’s harder than ever to escape work stress, and so many online discussions devolve into a bitter argument. Your health is suffering too because you have to sit for so long each day and there’s hardly any time to get to the gym.


Since you live in Pennsylvania, there are ways to help improve your mental health and be more happy and relaxed. Believe it or not, it starts by working on your physical health.

Your Physical Health Matters

Some people act like the mind and body are two entirely separate things, but in reality, they are closely connected. What happens to one, impacts the other. That’s why you can stay happy and relaxed by getting physically fit.


Although everyone’s body is unique, Health Status lists several ways that just about anyone can get healthier. Some of these include:

Eat more vegetables and fruit, and cut back on the fast foods.
Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, especially if you regularly drink alcohol and coffee.
Get some exercise every day, and be sure to stretch your muscles both before and after exercising to improve your flexibility.

Speaking of exercise, you don’t necessarily have to hit the gym every day to get some physical activity. That’s great if you can, but for those who cannot, here are some ways to sneak exercise into your life:


Take the stairs whenever you can (at work, at the mall, even at home).
Park far away from the front door of wherever you need to go. Adding in such short walks can really help over time.
Clean your home often. You’d be surprised how much exercise is involved in house cleaning, and you’ll have a cleaner place.
Take a walk after dinner. It spends some calories and can even help you digest better.
Tips For Getting Happier

Even though getting physically fit can improve your mental well-being, there are some specific ways to improve your mood.


The University of Michigan explains that you need to avoid drugs and alcohol when possible. Sure, the occasional glass of wine or beer is fine, but going on binges or using hard drugs attacks both your physical and mental health. It’s a short-term gain, but it’s also a long-term serious loss.


In addition, Psychology Today explains there are several changes you can make to help get happier:


Write down things you are grateful for. Doing so can help you focus on good things in life.
Be in the moment. When you are doing something, don’t try to multitask. Instead, pay attention to the positives you are experiencing in the moment.
Find someone you can trust and open up to them. Bottling up negative emotions doesn’t work, but talking about them can help you feel more relaxed and safe.

Lastly, you need to get outside and enjoy nature. Humans evolved in the great outdoors, so there’s something special about reconnecting with it.

Enjoy Nature In Pennsylvania

Thankfully, the Keystone State has plenty of ways you can get some exercise, have fun, and get back to nature. Pennsylvania is lucky to have everything from major metropolitan areas (such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia) as well as rural communities and public parks. Here are some specific tips for getting happier and healthier here in Pennsylvania:


Visit state parks and campgrounds to reconnect with nature and enjoy some hiking trails.
Go to one of the many museums here to have some quiet time learning more about this great state.
Take a short trip to Lake Erie, Moraine, Pittsburgh, or even just the countryside so you can unplug from work stress.
Improve Your Wellness Today

There are just so many ways you can improve your physical and mental health in Pennsylvania. Start exercising more, even just by adding some extra steps in your day. Focus on your mental health as well, and go connect with nature in the many parks in the state. You deserve to be healthy and happy, and thanks to where you live, that’s easier than ever!