Learn New Camping Skills

It doesn’t matter your age or experience level when it comes to camping. Whether you are staying in a tent, rental cabin or RV, camping is about fun AND learning. Image result for pictures of building a tent

Every camper can benefit from getting their hands a little bit dirty and trying something new. There are some key skills that come into play when preparing for the ultimate camping vacation. First and foremost, it’s a good idea to learn How to Build a Fire and How to Pitch a Tent so you’re prepared to set up camp when you arrive.

starting campfire

While you may not need to be an expert at all of these skills while visiting Yogi Bear’s Jellystone ParkTM at Kozy Rest, they are sure to help make you an expert camper:

  • How to cook over a campfire.
  • How to identify edible wild plants so you stay away from dangerous ones.
  • How to navigate using the sun and/or stars if you don’t have a map or compass and want to take a hike.

north star

How to adapt to the elements so you can stay cool or warm when there’s no power available.

Keep in mind that these skills aren’t just limited to camping; they are basic survival skills that might come in handy someday. Are there any other skills you would add to this list?

**Kozy Note: Building a campfire is one thing, but building it safely is key. Keeping your campfire contained and following proper safety protocol is important. Check out this Campfire Safety Guide so you can learn more about keeping your campfire safe.

For more information about the campground, please call 724-735-2417 or visit us online.

On behalf of the entire Kozy Rest staff, we look forward to seeing you this camping season.


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