Pack your bags!

As we’re getting ready for the 2019 camping season, we wanted to provide you with the top 5 camping must have’s for this year!

Everyone brings a cooler camping, right? With cooler prices on the rise with brands like Yeti and RTIC in the lead, we found something comparable that will allow your pockets to breath! Grizzly coolers may be the way to go when you are shopping for your next beverage carrier. They are 100% indestructable and come with a lifetime guarantee, not even Yogi Bear™ is getting in these coolers! You can get them in just about every color under the sun, how fun is that?!

dog on golfcart

Number 2! This one really caught our eye because we’re located in Pennsylvania and we know that camping nights can definitely get chilly, especially in a tent or pop-up camper! Mr. Heater Camping Heater may be the ideal way to stay warm on the spring and fall nights! He’d be handy to have at home in the garage and workshop as well! It’s a small, portable heater that does not break the bank and runs off of 16oz propane cannisters! What a great idea!


Glamping is taking the camping world by storm and means that you need to have your phone ready at all times! If you’re not staying in a luxary cabin, electricity may not be available to you! How in the world could you keep your phone alive without it? Check out this Sunjack Portable Solar Charger! Even if you’re not a fan of facebooking on your camping trip, having access to GPS and your camera are still crutial!


I don’t think I need to say much more. If you’re a caffine addict this could save your entire trip! Cabela’s makes a stainless steel coffee pot to brew your morning cup of joe over your campfire. It features a silicone handle that stays safe to the touch and a 2 basket percolator systems to keep the grounds out of that liquid gold!

coffee pot

This last gadget may seem ordinary but could really come in handy in the wilderness! Water bottles with a filter are something now available and could even save your life! LifeStraw Go Bottle includes a filter and is able to remove bacteria, protozoa, chlorine, and bad taste! The bottle itself is BPA free with a leakproff lid and flexible, detachable food-grade silicone mouth piece!


We hope that at least one of these helpful camping goodies will change that way you camp in 2019!
On behalf of the entire Kozy Rest staff, we look forward to seeing you this camping season.