We Welcome Pets: Pet Etiquette

We love pets at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone ParkTM at Kozy Rest. Big or small, we love them all! While they may not be able to say please or thank you, there are a few etiquette rules they can follow to ensure everyone has a fun and relaxing stay.

Rule #1: Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Some people may not want to greet your furry friend, so keeping them leashed during walks will help make all of our campers happy. If a fellow camper feels comfortable and your pup is friendly, they may ask to say hi!

Rule #2: Never leave your pet unattended. If you and your family want to go enjoy one of the many attractions close by offsite, your buddy must also go with you. Also, we ask that you do not leave your pet alone inside your lodging at any time as well. Keep your pup with you during your stay; they’ll enjoy camping just as much as you!

Rule #3: Pets are not allowed in any of the campground facilities, with the exception of designated pet-friendly cabins. Some of our campers may have allergies, so we don’t want to bring animals around the amenities that we provide for everyone – just in case! If you are renting a cabin, be sure to tell the staff you need a pet-friendly cabin when you call to make your reservation.

Rule #4: Always clean up after your pet. We provide doggy bags throughout the campground for easy pick up, no matter where you’re enjoying your day. Please keep our grounds looking nice and clean. We really appreciate it and we’re sure other campers will as well!

For more details or questions about bringing your furry friends to the campground, please call 724-735-2417.

On behalf of the entire Kozy Rest staff, we look forward to seeing you, and your pets, this camping season.