Park Map, Courtesies & Guidelines

Pittsburgh Jellystone Park family riding three wheelers
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Site map
  • Visitors: For everyone’s safety, all visitors must register at the office, pay the day use fee and pickup a visitor pass to be displayed in their vehicle before entering the park. All visitors must leave the park by 10:00 pm. Registered campers are responsible for the actions of their visitors. Visitors are not permitted to bring pets into the park. Only one unit is permitted on each site. Adding a tent will add an additional charge.
  • Pets: We welcome all pets, but we ask that you be considerate of your neighbors. Pets must be kept on a short leash, kept quiet, and never left unattended. Always take your furry friends when leaving the campground. Pets are not allowed in any buildings or rental units. Doggie bags are provided throughout the park, please clean up after your pet. Nothing spoils a day more than poop-on-a-rug.
  • Quiet Hours: Our quiet hours are from 11:00 PM until 8:00 AM. Please be considerate of those around you. Children under 18 must be at their campsite unless escorted by an adult. Anyone causing excessive noise, using profanity, or causing a disturbance will be asked to leave without a refund.
  • Trespassing: We thank you for using the roads and paths. Please don’t shortcut through your neighbor’s campsite.
  • Bicycles/Motorized Vehicles: Riding bikes is great fun but for everyone’s safety, we require children less than 12 years of age to wear a bike helmet. All bikes must be parked when the street lights come on. Quads, dirt bikes, power wheels, electric scooters, golf carts, & high speed RC vehicles are not permitted due to insurance limitations. Motorcycle/Moped use is limited to in and out of the park only.
  • Speed Limit: 5 MPH – STRICTLY ENFORCED our kids are very precious; please watch out for them because they are not watching for you.
  • Parking: Two vehicles per site. Others, including guests and visitors, must park in parking lot.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: Alcohol is allowed, but is not permitted off site or in open display, Koozies required. No kegs allowed.
  • Comfort Stations & Buildings: All buildings and rental units are smoke free. Please do not wash clothes, dishes or utensils in the comfort stations. Shoes and shirts are required.
  • Campsites: Please conserve water and electric when possible. Check for dripping hoses; turn off string lights before retiring. Sewer collars are required. The discharge of gray water on the ground is prohibited. Washing of RV’s & vehicles is not permitted. One picnic table per site, please get permission to move tables from site to site.
  • Trash: Please dispose of all trash at the dumpsters by the exit gate.
  • Campfires: Campfires are permitted in the designated fire rings. PLEASE do not move the fire rings. $25 fine for moving rings. Please only burn firewood, not garbage and extinguish before retiring.
  • Fireworks/Firearms: Fireworks, firearms, archery equipment, slingshots, and BB guns are NOT PERMITTED in the park. Violators will be asked to leave without refund.
  • Wi-Fi: We offer free Wi-Fi for your enjoyment. The signal strength may vary depending on the demand, your location and your computer. Our Wi-Fi is not intended for heavy use such as downloading movies, streaming videos, or inappropriate content. Should you abuse the system, you will get blocked.
  • Pool Safety: WE HAVE NO LIFEGUARDS, PLEASE SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Children less than 12 years of age must have adult supervision. No diving is allowed. Complete rules are posted in the pool area. To assure the enjoyment of other campers who follow you, we ask your cooperation in keeping our facilities and grounds clean. Please help us maintain a litter-free park and put your butts where they belong.
  • Photography Disclaimer: We also reserve the right to use any photograph or video taken on KRK property for any use we choose, including but not limited to use on our website, online use, brochures, printed materials, advertising materials, posted videos, and for public exhibit.