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Benefits of Booking a Camping Experience vs. a Hotel

There's nothing better than the feeling of lodging somewhere new in a big, comfortable bed and exploring all the amenities there is to offer. Are you looking for Harrisville, Pennsylvania hotels for your next trip? What if we told you there's a better way to experience this than booking a hotel? At Jellystone Park™ Kozy Rest, we offer 12 unique cabin types that give you the same feeling as a hotel, but with way more benefits! If you're considering taking a trip to Harrisville, keep reading for the benefits of booking a Pennylvania camping experience over a hotel!

Slam dunk on lower prices at Jellystone Park™ Kozy Rest

Lower Cost

Spreading your family throughout multiple hotel rooms to fit everyone can get pretty costly, which is why booking a Pennylvania group cabin at our Camp-Resort can actually help you save big on your vacation. Most of our luxury cabins can sleep up to 7 people, so you only need to book one cabin instead of two hotel rooms. Plus, we have 10+ attractions included in your stay, so you don't need to spend a lot on activities to do outside of your lodging costs! If you're looking into RV camping near Pittsburgh, PA, choose to camp with us! You'll save even more on lodging while still getting the same benefits of included attractions!

Enjoy all the Pennsylvania fresh air at Jellystone Park™ Kozy Rest

Enjoy the Fresh Air

Booking a hotel might coop you up inside for a majority of your vacation. When you book a Western Pennsylvania camping experience at Jellystone Park™ Kozy Rest, you can enjoy and appreciate the outdoors! Get away from the busy city and breathe in the fresh air and the great outdoors. If you want to cool off during your stay, splash the day away at our swimming pool or enjoy some peace and quiet in your cabin. Whatever you choose to do during your stay, you're more than likely going to spend it outside!

 Make new friends!

Make New Friends

While hotel rooms are secluded and only meant for sleeping during your vacation, our Camp-Resort gives you plenty of opportunities to make new friends! No matter what age you are, there are always friendly faces and families for you to meet. Maybe you'll meet a friend while playing mini golf or soaring on the jumping pillow! You might even meet a friend tie-dying a t-shirt. If you participate in our themes, you might become friends with another family taking part in our themed events. There are plenty of opportunities for you to walk away with a new buddy or two after camping at Jellystone Park™ Kozy Rest, one of the best family campgrounds in Pennsylvania!

 Quality family time at Jellystone Park™ Kozy Rest!

Quality Family Time

Going back to lodging, you'll get to spend more time with your family when you book a camping trip over a hotel! Instead of your family being divided between multiple rooms, you can spend quality time together under one roof, while still getting the benefits of a private bedroom! Rather than relaxing in bed and watching tv all night in your hotel room, there are plenty of activities for all ages that will keep you and your family busy and bring you closer together during your stay! 

Even your furry friends will love our Camp-Resort!

Bring Your Furry Friend

It might be difficult to find a Harrisville, PA hotel willing to accommodate your furry friends, but our Camp-Resort offers pet-friendly cabins and allows pets all of our RV sites! Put them on a leash and let your dog burn some energy at our Camp-Resort. Plus, maybe your pet will make a furry friend of their own! 

 Splash the day away at our pool! Included in your stay!

Included Attractions

While hotel costs only include your room, and maybe a pool, our Camp-Resort includes most of our attractions and activities in your cabin or campsite price! No need to make an itinerary with expensive things to do when you can just step outside your site and explore all the included attractions we have to offer! Play endless rounds of mini golf with the entire family at no cost at all. Plus, when you book a peak season stay, we offer daily activities at no cost! Click here to see a full list of attractions included in your stay and enjoy our Pennsylvania campgrounds with a pool.

 Private cabins for you and the family!

More Privacy

You may get your own private room when you book a hotel, but you get an entire cabin all to yourself when you choose a camping experience! Our cabins offer more amenities than Harrisville, PA hotels, such as full kitchens, a private porch, a fire pit, and a picnic table! You won't have to worry about your hotel neighbors keeping you up all night with their loud noises when you book a cabin over a hotel stay.


Choosing a camping experience at Jellystone Park™ Kozy Rest over a booking a hotel gives you plenty of benefits that will make your vacation even better! When you stay at our Camp-Resort, you'll still get all of the benefits of being close to a bigger city while still escaping the hustle and bustle that comes with city lodging! Enjoy lower rates, making new friends, and more when you book a camping trip over a Harrisville, PA hotel. Book a vacation that the whole family will love here.